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Windsor slate

No more than 3% wastage guaranteed.

windsor roof slate

European Test Report
BS EN 12326-1 : 2004 product conformity test for roofing and external Cladding Slate

“The Windsor Premium and The Balmoral Grey Slates” Passed all Tests, and were awarded The Highest Codes available A1, S1 and T1.

reclaimed welsh slate

Reclaimed Welsh Roof Slate.

balmoral grey slate

Balmoral Grey Slate

burlington grey slate and westmorland green slate

Burlington Grey Slate and Westmorland Green Slate

emerald green slate

Emerald Green Slate

30 year established

Reclaimed Roof Slates

reclaimed slates

every slate hand sorted, and graded, by roof slates.

reclaimed slates

Reclaimed Welsh Roof Slates

balmoral grey slates

Balmoral Grey Slate

burlington grey slate and westmorland green slate

Burlington Grey Slate and Westmorland Green Slate

emerald green slate

Emerald Green Slate


Roof slates is a major UK slate supplier of Reclaimed Roof Slates.

Family run business, with over 30 Years experience supplying Reclaimed Roof Slates.

We supply reclaimed roof slates to a wide range of building merchants, construction firms, local authorities, self build customers situated throughout the UK.

We pride ourselves on supplying only the very best quality reclaimed roof slates to our customers, and as such have built up a strong reputation as one of the leading UK reclaimed roof slates suppliers.

We are the sole UK supplier of the windsor slate, which we are pleased to offer at highly competitive prices, in addition to a wide range of reclaimed roof slates, welsh slate, second hand slate, westmorland green slate, burlington grey slate, welsh green slate, and chinese slates.

NEW Balmoral Grey

Grade 1A. Blue / Grey Roofing Slate

75 Year Guarantee

Thickness 8mm to 10mm

Excellent Quality - Unbelievable Price

special offer £££ balmoral grey slate £££

24 x 12 - from £1.49 per Slate or £18.63 per m²

£££ - Limited Price While Stocks Last - £££

balmoral slate in crates

  • Large Quantities in stock now
  • These Slates are of the Highest Quality
  • Thickness 8mm to 10mm
  • Perfect for Northern U.K. and Ireland
  • Nationwide Delivery Service available.
  • Worldwide Shipping available on all roof slates.

Windsor Grade 1 Roof Slate - Our most popular quality roofing slate

24 x 12 - £1.79 per Slate or £22.03 per m²

20 x 10 - £1.19 per Slate or £21.71 per m² £ Chinese Slate Prices Windsor £

Windsor Premium Roof Slate - Quality slate without the premium price

20 x 10 - £0.99 per Slate or £18.32 per m² £ Chinese Premium Slate Prices £

Balmoral Grey Roof Slate - Special offer - while stocks last

24 x 12 from £1.49 per Slate or £18.63 per m² £ balmoral grey prices £

We are proud to offer a 75 Year Guarantee with our Windsor roof slates and Balmoral roof slates, and a maximum wastage of up to 3%.

Quality is key to us here at Roof Slates, allowing us to guarantee that all our customers are only supplied with the Highest Quality Roof Slates.


  • We only stock the best quality reclaimed roof slates.
  • Colour matching service provided on reclaimed roof slates.
  • Specialists in supplying large quantities of reclaimed roof slates.
  • All reclaimed slates sorted and graded.
  • Nationwide delivery service available.
  • Worldwide shipping available on all roof slates.

We work very closely with architects and major building firms to source and supply large quantities of quality reclaimed roof slates for prestige projects nationwide.

roof slates premises -

Whether you are looking for just a small number of roof slates or are wishing to place a bulk order, please do not hesitate to contact Roof slates for all your reclaimed roof slates, and we can assure you that you will be more than happy with the service and roof slates you receive.


Wastage of Roof Slates:

Normal wastage in Transport of any slates New or Reclaimed is approximately 2% to 3%.

Normal wastage to get the Slates up to Roof Level is approximately 2%.

Wastage when fixing the slates depends on many factors i.e. the complexity of the project, ( valley cuts, skylights etc) and the experience of the Roofer.

Taking all these factors into consideration, we recommend you allow approximately an extra 10% when ordering your slate.


Roof slates supplies ITV - CORONATION STREET

coronation street pic 2

Roof slates supplied the reclaimed roof slates for the new set of the most famous Street in the UK

12,000 - 24 x 14 reclaimed roof slates supplied for Coronation Streets new set.



coronation street pic 1

Roof slates is one of the largest suppliers of reclaimed roof slates in the UK.

Roof slates will only accept and supply quality reclaimed roof slates. £££ roof slate prices £££


Roof slates supplies BBC - DIY SOS

in Manchester

diysos 1 DIY SOS: Building A Veteran's Village diysos 2



Roof slates supplies Channel 4's - Grand Design's - Chez Jallot:

grand designs slate 1

We delivered 18,000 Balmoral Grey Roofing Slate.


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